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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The day of jimmy's sterilization!

Well ,my last article was for cat's sterilization(neutered)and there was a vote too.The results were positive to sterilize a cat,either male or female.
So,yesterday was Jimmy's time!It should be sooner,as Jimmy is almost a year and a half,but unfortunately i could not earlier.
I took him to the vet in the morning and let him there until afternoon.Me and my husband were so anxius to get him back to home...The procedure has been finished and the time has come...When we went to the vet ,Jimmy was awake in a cage ,where under of him was a dog which was barking all the time.Doctor tried to open cage and catch jimmy, easy...Jimmy has stuck in the corner of cage with his ears down and making "hhhhh"!!I touched him and after a while i huged him and put him in the box and took the ride of return...In the car he jumped off the box and was wondering in the car.
And then,oh my...,my husband had him in his hug and when they went inside building Jimmy has started to pee all over and we live third floor,so in the elevator he was still peeing...... I believe that when he felt secure let himself and then he had from the morning to go for a pee...

welcome back to blog!

I welcome you all,back to my blog.I have been absent for a couple of months ,because of work and some health problems,but now all have been solved and it is just the work...So now i am back with Jimmy ,of course,and with many many advices for your kittys!!Hope you join and participate too,if you want...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sterilization to cats!

Well the voting for sterilization to male cats has just finished.The results were as i excepted to be.All of seven people who voted(do not laugh,it's a start) and i thank them a lot,are positive!
So let's see why??!

First of all what exactly is sterilization?
Sterilization is a surgical technique leaving a male or female unable to reproduce. It is a method of birth control.

When your cat will reach at nearly six months of age he will start mowing for female companion
yelling at night, spraying all over the house aside from his litter box.And of course his attitude will be weird too!!But the above are the less.The most important reason to fix our cats is for their own health and then ours.An unfixed cat can be exposed to many diseases.FeLV and FIV are costly and deadly diseases that can be avoided by neutering your cat. Testicular cancer is another disease that is prevented by neutering and there is a decreased risk of mammary cancer.
So are you convinced?As for myself and jimmy we have an appointment with doctor for next month.When i read about the diseases i never had a second thought!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cats and water!

And as we are talking about toilet,what you think of taking bath your kitty?For many people giving their cat a bath is a very difficult situation , as it is known that cats and water do not match!!The first thing that i have done when jimmy came ,was to wash him!He was very tiny then without big claws,so i had no problem.After a while i realized that jimmy was not afraid water,instead he loved it!
I have to him a bowl to his toilet for putting his poes inside and playing with water!And in the bathroom i have a small bathtab filled with water from where he drinks water!

Now following the next steps will help you make this situation more comfortable for you and your kitty!
First of all you must have towels near you ,sponge and shampoo.Then
  • Fill with a short amount of water your bathtab
  • Put in the bottom a towel, so the kitty not to slip
  • Put inside bathtab a toy, like a plastic duck to atrract his attention
The difficult part starts!!

  • Call the kitty to come in the bathroom and when he comes throw a toy in the bath.Probably he will go see what happened and soon go in bathtab to catch it.This is your chance!!
If you are not lucky take him a hug and little by little move him in the bathtab.
Wash him quickly!
  • Then dry him a little with a towel and let him go.He will start licking his body.
  • As this process is over reward the kitty with food ,toys.
  • Finally you should brush him with a special comb,so the combings("dead hair") to go away.
If you see that your kitty hates water and lives inside house,there is no need to wash him often.Cats are very clean animals,as they lick themselves nearly all day!!

When i put jimmy in the bathtab he hates it!He starts mowing and scratching!
But if i am taking a bath , he comes inside with me to take a bath.I wash him without any problem as he waits near me for water amd me to end my bath!He is unbelievable!!

If you think it well,this is absolutely logical!How will you react if somebody grabbed you for washing you?I am sure that you want to have a bath,only when you want!!

My last advices to you
  • If it's yours cat first bath put gloves,as you do not know yet how he will react and certainly we don't want scratches all over our hands!!
  • Reward your cat before and after taking a bath.Before with hugs and after with food.
Good luck!!