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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cats and water!

And as we are talking about toilet,what you think of taking bath your kitty?For many people giving their cat a bath is a very difficult situation , as it is known that cats and water do not match!!The first thing that i have done when jimmy came ,was to wash him!He was very tiny then without big claws,so i had no problem.After a while i realized that jimmy was not afraid water,instead he loved it!
I have to him a bowl to his toilet for putting his poes inside and playing with water!And in the bathroom i have a small bathtab filled with water from where he drinks water!

Now following the next steps will help you make this situation more comfortable for you and your kitty!
First of all you must have towels near you ,sponge and shampoo.Then
  • Fill with a short amount of water your bathtab
  • Put in the bottom a towel, so the kitty not to slip
  • Put inside bathtab a toy, like a plastic duck to atrract his attention
The difficult part starts!!

  • Call the kitty to come in the bathroom and when he comes throw a toy in the bath.Probably he will go see what happened and soon go in bathtab to catch it.This is your chance!!
If you are not lucky take him a hug and little by little move him in the bathtab.
Wash him quickly!
  • Then dry him a little with a towel and let him go.He will start licking his body.
  • As this process is over reward the kitty with food ,toys.
  • Finally you should brush him with a special comb,so the combings("dead hair") to go away.
If you see that your kitty hates water and lives inside house,there is no need to wash him often.Cats are very clean animals,as they lick themselves nearly all day!!

When i put jimmy in the bathtab he hates it!He starts mowing and scratching!
But if i am taking a bath , he comes inside with me to take a bath.I wash him without any problem as he waits near me for water amd me to end my bath!He is unbelievable!!

If you think it well,this is absolutely logical!How will you react if somebody grabbed you for washing you?I am sure that you want to have a bath,only when you want!!

My last advices to you
  • If it's yours cat first bath put gloves,as you do not know yet how he will react and certainly we don't want scratches all over our hands!!
  • Reward your cat before and after taking a bath.Before with hugs and after with food.
Good luck!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Toilet training cats!

Some people prefer their cat to go to their toilet and train their cats to do so!This is really very easy if following the nexts steps:
  1. Put a bowl inside the toilet ,hanging with sticky tapes around.
  2. Full it with sand.
  3. Seeing the weird behavior ,put the kitty in the bowl and follow the same procedure as in the post adjument.
  4. After he had learnt to climb on toilet and finding his "peace",take the bowl off the toilet.
  5. The next time he will go ,he will not find the bowl and will behave like we do!Believe it!
  6. You flush and done!
This situation is good for many reasons that you may never had thought.Like the followings
  • Costs nothing,as you do not have to buy all the time sand and the expend is a liiiittle more water from flushing!!
  • It is healthier,because your house is always clean.
  • Easier for us,as we do not sweep and clean the dirty stuff and only flushing.
But we should be careful too.We have to clean a bit the toilet ,before we sit.

Jimmy has learnt the procedure very fast,but i changed my mind,because i saw that he liked digging in sand and i was felling sorry for him not to have this.So i moved him again to his old bowl and he got immediatedy very happy,started digging asnd digging...I remember once his sand was a bit dirty and gone to the toilet!!
I give you simple steps I followed and worked.Now the decision is up to you my friends and yours cat!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Teach your cat to use the sand!

One big matter that all people are facing when getting a cat, is to learn where to have their "needs". I have heard many times people nagging about it.Cats need to learn where their toilet is from the beginning.Some times it needs our patience and others none!I was from the lucky one.

So how do our cats learn where to go having this private moment and need?

Decide where you want the cat's toilet and lay down an open newspaper with a big bowl over it.Full the bowl with suitable sand and get ready!Pay attention to your kitty all the time during the day,until you see that starts to smell corners and walls,hiding under beds and general having weird behavior than before.Then take the kitty and put inside the bowl.Watch out for the bowl to be big enough,so to be comfort.If you are lucky like me he will understand the reason you put him there and let himself....If you are not, do not be dissapointed!Everytime he already had "honered" your home grab him gently of the neck,like his mother does when wants to punish,and put him in the bowl saying No.But you have to to do this the time that he has done that so to understand.If you argue with him in one hour from that moment,he will not understand what you are trying to say and repeat the same behavior...
Keep putting him in the bowl when you see the above behaviour and soon he will learn.

Do not forget that "According with the teacher you sit,these letters you will learn."So mostly of our cat's attitude depends from us!!

It is really important to clean everyday the cat's sand for his health and basically our health!There are many diseases that human can stuck from animals and especially cats.After every clean we should wash our hands well enough!Also if the sand is dirty the kitty won't go there finding another clean corner around home!

For me ,as i said before it was really easy.I put him in the bowl the first day i saw the behavior we discussed and that's all!From this moment and after he had learn where to go for his need.I even had changed his bowl position a lots of times,but he always knew!!In past I had to mom's house many cats,but they couldn't learn with nothing!!And it was a part that afraid ,before Jimmy makes me fool...
Cats are very intelligent animals,only need some directions when living inside in our homes!

His first day at home!

Me and my husband always wanted a kitten in our home,but we were students and unfortunately every christmas,easter and summer we left from the city to go to back to our families,so it was difficult to have a kitty until one year ago...
We had finished our studies and decided to move in our city and after two months a new member was added to our family...Jimmy!!
My husband brought him home to a little box.He was very afraid and run to hide back of the couch where he stayed for almost 5-6 hours!!Then he finally got out,drunk some milk and started yelling(miaowwwwwww)!Oh dear i will never forget that!The other day he has calmed down and started living his life...

Adjustment in the new environment!

When we decide to adopt a cat in our home,we should watch the environment to be suitable for the kitty and its needs.So for me i have done the following adjustments
  • First of all his toilet.I defined the room that his bowl with sand will be and started teaching him to use it!
  • Secondly where his food plates will be.I advice you not putting the sand with food in the same room.I falsely did that in the beginning and he never ate!So made space in another room and everything was ok.
  • Thirdly where he will sleep.I took a basket in which i used to put the wet clothes coming of the washing machine and put a soft blanket in it.He just loved it and still does.
  • The next step was to find something he will scratch his nails on it and not on my couch!So i bought him a scratching postwhich i recommend to do you too for not having troubles!!
  • Finally i had to take care for his hours to be pleasant.Toys,many many toys!!There is no need to spend money on that ,unless you want something reaally good. I use straws, balls of paper,but
Jimmy catches anything that moves ,even in his sleep...
Watch this!!