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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The day of jimmy's sterilization!

Well ,my last article was for cat's sterilization(neutered)and there was a vote too.The results were positive to sterilize a cat,either male or female.
So,yesterday was Jimmy's time!It should be sooner,as Jimmy is almost a year and a half,but unfortunately i could not earlier.
I took him to the vet in the morning and let him there until afternoon.Me and my husband were so anxius to get him back to home...The procedure has been finished and the time has come...When we went to the vet ,Jimmy was awake in a cage ,where under of him was a dog which was barking all the time.Doctor tried to open cage and catch jimmy, easy...Jimmy has stuck in the corner of cage with his ears down and making "hhhhh"!!I touched him and after a while i huged him and put him in the box and took the ride of return...In the car he jumped off the box and was wondering in the car.
And then,oh my...,my husband had him in his hug and when they went inside building Jimmy has started to pee all over and we live third floor,so in the elevator he was still peeing...... I believe that when he felt secure let himself and then he had from the morning to go for a pee...